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Gutter Cleaning

Why Use Cedar cleaning to clean your gutters?

Taking care of your home involves many tasks, and one of the most important, though sometimes forgotten, is cleaning your gutters. Clean gutters are essential for keeping your home in good shape and preventing possible damage. When rainwater flows off your roof, the gutters guide it away from the foundation, safeguarding against issues like dampness and black mould. It's crucial not to underestimate the importance of clean gutters because ignoring this task could lead to a chain of problems affecting both the inside and outside of your home.


Blocked gutters can become the root cause of many issues, ranging from water damage to structural deterioration.

Signs your gutters need Cleaning.

Recognizing the signs of clogged gutters is essential for proactive home maintenance. Water overflow during rainfall, unexpected plant growth, and visible damage to both the exterior and interior of your home are clear indicators that your gutters require attention. Understanding these signals hopefully moves you to address gutter cleaning promptly, preventing more severe issues down the line.

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Frequency of gutter cleaning.

Deciding how often to clean your gutters is an essential part of keeping your home well-maintained. We'll suggest some general practices for how often to clean your gutters and look into factors that affect this schedule. Things like the weather and whether there are trees nearby can influence the best timing for gutter cleaning. Understanding these factors helps homeowners customize their cleaning schedules to fit their property's specific needs, making sure it stays strong and protected against potential damage in the long run. Most people get their gutters cleaned annually.

Gutter cleaning service overview

We offer residential gutter cleaning services, commercial gutter cleaning services and Fascia/PVC cleaning services. Our specialised equipment allows us to reach heights of 5 storeys high! We can also undertake various types of gutter repairs, so if that annoying drip is keeping you awake at night, call us, we will be able to solve your problem.

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Our Gutter cleaning process


Check Your Gutters.

We Look for leaves, debris, or anything blocking the gutters. This helps us understand what needs cleaning. We keep an eye out for slipped tiles in the gutter or any thig else that may become a hazard when we start cleaning.

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Get Gutter vacuum ready.

Plug in our RCD protected extension reel then make sure our vacuum is working well. Set it up and position it where we can easily reach all parts of the gutter with our vacuum hose and carbon, vacuum poles.


Use the Vacuum to Clean

Start at one end and use the vacuum to suck up all the debris. Pay extra attention to corners and downpipes. If there are any huge blockages we will use our ladders to unblock it by hand. 

gutter clean fleet
Gutter clean fleet


Gutter inspection

After we have cleaned your gutters out we will visually inspect the whole guttering system, looking for any noticeable loose brackets, gaps in the connections or dislodged downpipes.


Final test

After a thorough visual inspection we then undertake any Gutter repairs necessary. we then test the flow of the gutters using water and making sure they flow correctly to the desired downpipe.

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"Prompt response, professional and reliable service, excellent job of cleaning gutters, fascias and conservatory roof. Very happy with result and would recommend. Thank you"

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Gutter cleaning price

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I have my Gutters cleaned? 

  • Most of our clients have their gutters cleaned annually, in areas where there are trees around, more frequently would be advised. 

Do I have to be home to get my gutters cleaned? 

  • It's not necessary for Anyone to be home, we message the evening before to ask you to leave any gates unlocked.   

Are you insured?

  • Yes, we have full liability insurance of up to £10 million.

How do we pay?

  • We accept cash but our preferred method is BACS.

Can I clean my own gutters? 

  • Yes DIY is definitely possible, but who wants to climb up ladders and handle all that muck. Leave that to us!

How much experience do you have? 

  • I have been in the industy for 6 years, since I left school. Cedar Cleaning has been trading for 2 years.

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